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"I took chances on the race track, but I don't take chances with my health. I recommend Prevenium to everyone. Their amazingly quick and early detection tests could save your life!"

— Tom Sneva, Indy 500 Champion
Tom Sneva, Indy 500 Champion Prevenium Testimonials

"I had intermittent abdominal pain with a normal workup and pelvic exam. Total body scanning revealed a large ovarian mass which was not detected. The tumor was surgically removed and my pain was gone. Fortunately, it was not malignant. Ovarian and pancreatic cancers are among the top five causes of cancer death in the US. By the time these cancers produce symptoms, or are detectable by usual tests, many of these cancers have spread and are less curable. Cancers found by MRI body scan earlier in the disease, have a greater chance for cure."
Sandra M. Clark, MD


"As a physician, I travel and work extensively in developing countries, where medical care is very poor. A total body MRI scan increased my confidence that I was reducing my chance of developing any medical or surgical problem while I was gone. I appreciate that there is no exposure to x-ray radiation with the MRI." — Marvin Clark, MD

"I feel that the best and smartest decision that I could have made, was to contact Prevenium for a full body scan. I had no idea that I had a brain aneurysm. Once detected, I was referred to a Neurosurgeon for consultation. I am so impressed with the caring attitude of the Doctors and staff. Their goal is certainly to save lives. I have the highest regard for this group and recommend them very highly." — One grateful patient, Lynn Volk
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